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Terms and Conditions of eBookWholesaler membership

We’ve set up the following Terms and Conditions based on the requests of most of our current members. This is to Protect the Value of the Information Products YOU are going to sell. 

By joining the membership of eBookWholesaler
you must agree to the following
Terms and Conditions.

  1. You May Not send Spam in any way to promote the eBooks or the eBookWholesaler's Program.

    eBookWholesaler Does Not Tolerate Spam and will Terminate the Membership and Affiliate Account of any member who violates our anti-spam policy. Upon account termination, all your referrals will be lost, and any unpaid money in your account will be forfeited. In addition, you will be reported to
    proper authorities.

  2. You may resell the information products we supply to you and keep all the money for selling them. None of the eBookwholesaler Exclusive products may be offered or supplied in Membership sites, through any barter systems or any other way not specifically approved in writing by Mr. Tom Hua.

  3. You must remain as a member to continue selling any Exclusive Products. The Exclusive Rights are for our current members only!

  4. You may not resell the reseller's rights to anyone.

  5. You may not give the Exclusive Products away for free.

  6. Although we can not force everyone, but we do advise all of our members to sell the Exclusive Products at the Recommended Retail Prices. Please Respect the Value of the products and respect all the Hard Work Our Authors have put to create the products. Please also Respect the marketing efforts of other members.

  7. The Exclusive Products may not be offered on any auction web site.

  8. The Exclusive Products may not be included in any package as bonus.

  9. These Exclusive Products may be sold with other products only if the additional products are the bonuses for purchasing.

  10. The Exclusive Products may not be included in any membership web site for free download.

  11. You must offer 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on all the products we supply to you. *

* ClickBank can no longer issue any refunds for products sold over 90 days. 

The reason for the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee:

It's the fact (that no matter whether you like it or not) the purchaser can always go to Clickbank or any other online payment processing company to ask for a refund for any reason. Even if you don't offer money back guarantee they will still be able to get their money back. If the payment processing company refuses to process a refund request, the customer can always go to their card issuer to do a Charge Back, which will cost you an additional $15.00 on top of the selling price you’ll have to refund. This is how the law protects consumers with on line dealing.

And the longer guarantee period you offer the less rate of return you will get. By offering only 30 days money back guarantee you’re forcing your customers to make a bad decision. Have you ever ordered an eBook and didn't have time to read it in 30 days? Many People ask for refund only  because they didn’t have time to read the ebooks or to apply what they have learned. On the other hand, by offering maximum period of Money back Guarantee, the customers will be relaxed and able to take time to make a good use of the product they brought from you. And, who wants to return something they have owned for a quite while?

There are always people out there looking for opportunity to get stuff for free. You will have some returns no matter what you do. In this case you should issue a refund as soon as you receive the request unless there is something very obvious that went wrong, such as their Internet connection was cut off during the download process. Most likely the customer will contact the payment processing company at the same time. If you don't issue a refund, they will… without even consulting you. The customer might give you another chance in the future if you tell them you have issued the refund.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions above, please contact us.

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