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About the Author's

Teresa King and Patty Baldwin

Teresa King is the mother of three sons and grandmother of two tiny ones at this writing. Teresa has made her online presence with a bang. Her goal was to be able to work for herself and not have any "grumpy" bosses. After struggling and learning every aspect of online business, she began helping others. 

In 1999 she realized that there were many people who needed guidance and solutions to their efforts in online marketing and began sharing her knowledge through forums, help ebooks, and membership sites. She currently juggles several websites and is the author of many eBooks on the net consisting of marketing ebooks and historical romances. 

Patty Baldwin is the mother of two sons and grandmother of two.  Her sales and management expertise led her to accepting the challenge of advertising director for a small, start-up community newspaper. In six months the paper increased revenue by over 400%. 

Patty currently operates several successful online businesses but her passion is sales copy writing and helping "newbies."  In her words, "My experience serves as a testimonial to anyone who chooses to make the transition from the standard corporate world to working at home. The Internet has dramatically changed the way we do business and companies ignoring this paradigm shift will simply be left behind and many will go out of business." 


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