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Darren Walch

Darren Walch started juggling as a teenager.

He started in his spare time and found that good training for attracting and keeping the attention of people.

But, Darren realized that juggling was also a good way to exercise.

After a while, he started to make a handy, part-time income by entertaining for private parties and other events.

He has worked as a salesman and demonstrator in various industries through the years but always kept some juggling gear handy.

He says that his ebook can help almost anyone to overcome any doubts about their ability to juggle.

He explains everything you need to know about starting to juggle with bean bags, balls, plates (not the family china!) and other items.

He shows how you can make some types of juggling props yourself.

He believes that juggling has given him greater confidence and helps with his fitness and flexibility.

Darren said that it also greatly improved his inter-personal skills. He found entertaining at parties and other functions great fun and profitable.

But, he also enjoys practising juggling with friends.

He thinks that every reader of his book can get similar benefits if they apply the same simple steps which he did.


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